Here it is: Excerpts from our Showing on 5 September! 
Thanks to all those who attended. Watch this space to see where this project develops next. 
Thanks for coming along with us on the ride! More to come =)

101 Ways to Strip! ALERT!

We've changed our Showing to:

Monday 5 September, 6.30pm
"Shopfront" performance space Judith Wright Centre
420 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley

The first showing of a creative development by Elise May and Connor Dowling, with the support of The Judith Wright Centre's Fresh Ground Residency.

'101 Ways to Strip!' is a 30 minute showing of material developed by the artists themselves, as well as video submissions from external performers with their own interpretation on the theme.

Think contemporary dance meets YouTube, meets Burlesque, all in an art installation and your halfway there!

If you've submitted a 1 minute masterpiece, come and see your unique interpretation in amongst it all! Tell all your friends to come watch your 'Strip!'. For one showcase night only we will transform the 'Shopfront' venue into Brisbane's own little 'Red Light District' in the artistic hub of the Fortitude Valley.

Come along as a stripper, a voyeur or anything in between and get amongst the action!!!

101 Ways to Strip! is an experimental project incorporating digital image, video, sound and live performance. 101 Ways to Strip! is assisted by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts' Fresh Ground artist-in-residence initiative, made possible through Arts Queensland.

Reece Dol's "Stick Tease":

Its the "Accessory Strip" from Catherine Blakemore: 

Travis' commitment is overwhelming... this is his 2nd post! A little raunchy!
101 Ways to Strip Paint!

The lovely Tim Farrar posted this one this morning... I love it! So clever.

1 day left! If you've got an idea - you've got 24hours!

A very unique concept from Nic! The old undies/pants switcheroo!

And coming in at Strip submission no.6 Mr Stripper Richard Causer!

Sofia Woods - Very entertaining Strip! Oh Yeah!!! Check this one out
Thanks Sofia!

Get amongst it with some Strip Twister!! Thanks to Samantha Mitchell &Jack Ziesing for playing with us... Its a bit phsycadelic & a bit (as Connor would say) 'Calipso'. Enjoy

2 days to go!!!! ooooo.. Thanks Almaryse Burton for your delightful & tantalising strip submission yesterday. See below! We are now at a total of 4! With 2 days to go.... who will be next?
Almaryse's masterpiece:

The Surprise Strip!

3 days!! ahhhw!

3 days until the 101 Ways to Strip! 1 minute video deadline... I know you all have some great ideas - now is the time to get your iphone/ or video camera and get filming!

Just found this on Youtube.... What ya reakon Connor? Do our routines measure up?
Submission number 3!!! Hot!
by Travis Scott 

Only four days left....! Get your submissions in... Its heating up!

Our A,B & C of Strip!

Tessa Leon is the 2nd person to submit her very sexy, very tropical video!
"The Banana Striptease" by Tessa Leon

‎5 days to go! Yep its the 1 minute Strip count down...

Dust off those video cameras or grab an iphone & get videoing!

Here's our latest video. See if you can count them: 
15 Strips in 1.5 Minutes!

"Strip" Definitions...

We are very proud to announce our very first 1 minute video submission!!!
Its called "Ladyshave" by Pascalle Burton

Yup, thats right - only 6 days left...

We have carried out the most thorough form of research... the old Google search!
And according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there is more to stripping than we originally thought!


 verb \ˈstrip\
stripped also striptstrip·ping

Definition of STRIP

transitive verb
a : to remove clothing, covering, or surface matter fromb : to deprive of possessionsc : to divest of honors, privileges, or functions
a : to remove extraneous or superficial matter from <a prose style stripped to the bones>b : to remove furniture, equipment, or accessories from<strip a ship for action>
: to make bare or clear (as by cutting or grazing)
: to finish a milking of by pressing the last available milk from the teats <strip a cow>
a : to remove cured leaves from the stalks of (tobacco)b : to remove the midrib from (tobacco leaves)
: to tear or damage the thread of (a separable part or fitting)
: to separate (components) from a mixture or solution
: to press eggs or milt out of (a fish)
: to remove (a subcutaneous vein) by means of a surgical instrument
intransitive verb
a : to take off clothesb : to perform a striptease
: peel 1
— strip·pa·ble adjective

Examples of STRIP

  1. He stripped himself down to his underwear.
  2. The prisoners were stripped naked.
  3. She gets paid to dance and strip at the club.
  4. They stripped the table and refinished it.
  5. They stripped the room when they left.
  6. The building had been completely stripped of its original woodwork.

Origin of STRIP

Middle English strepen, strippen, from Old English -strīepan; akin to Old High German stroufen to strip
First Known Use: 13th century

Related to STRIP

Synonyms: disrobeundressunclothe

See if you can spot the Bruce Almighty Strip!

Ok....This post is for Jack & David, as per requested. How are those videos coming along boys??